Hollywood Glam Is Back & We’re Impressed

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Awards shows have totally become the thing. Like…the thing to be scared of. The morning after any awards show you almost expect to hear about the crazy shenanigans of someone. Or the bad joke that offended someone. Or the bad outfit that offended everyone. Right? So here’s us tipping our hats to the Golden Globes, which occurred during our hiatus. Tweeting just wasn’t enough. It was the bees knees.

The Best Looks From The Red Carpet

Cate Blanchett, Lupita Nyong’o, Reese Witherspoon…represent! Whoa whoa whoa, we thought that the red carpet was all about the fashion risk. Didn’t you? Aren’t stars criticized (by critics, of course) for being too perfect, too pulled together, and not taking enough chances? But the the thing about risk is…it’s risky. And why take a risk when you can be glamorously stunning? Wouldn’t you rather see your favorite star on point, turning heads, and looking amazing? We would. And let’s be real here: watching a fashion disaster is never fun. It’s sort of embarrassing.

It was like old Hollywood returned. The hair and jewels made sense. The looks were well thought out but also seemingly effortless. Even the looks we didn’t love get a strong “E” for effort. It’s rare to look at any awards pre-show and fall in love look after look, star after star. Emma Watson (pictured) managed to look like her twenty-something self and red-carpet appropriate in Christian Dior Couture. And in a world where girls wear Nike Tempo shorts to restaurants with linen table cloths and napkins (the level of casual has gotten- in a word- scary) it’s nice to see glamour in full effect. And it’s also proof that stars can look amazing all at once. You don’t have to sacrifice one for another.

We’re impressed, Golden Globes and Hollywood starlets. Keep this up and we’ll actually watch the Academy Awards. We love you for doing work on the red carpet. Most stars have plenty of cash and pros that are paid to help them look ridiculously fab. Please do. And thank you.

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