We Maybe (Just a Little Bit) Like This Jane Iredale

We have a long and storied history with mineral powder. From life in general to working with it, it comes down to this: mineral powder is impossible. It’s a mess. It gets everywhere. (Even there.) That’s why our Sephora friends call it “devil dust”. It’s a devil to clean up. That’s certifiable.

So we’ve been hesitant to try Jane Iredale because of past experiences. She seems like a nice enough lady…but let’s be really real. We don’t have the time or patience to clean this stuff up if it spills. And it always spills. Plus, we’re no spring chickens. Loose or pressed, powder is the enemy. Dress it up any way you like. It’s still powder and we’re still terrified.

And then someone gives you their devil dust, and no self-respecting makeup-junkie turns down free makeup. So here we are, with a Jane Iredale Starter Kit ($55) and an impromptu post on mineral makeup. Because Amazing Base is pretty amazing. You just can’t plan this sort of thing.

17 Shades of Amazing Base

The formula is silky smooth with the benefit of SPF 20 and a concealer. It feels light and you can build to full coverage that feels more like a bare face. The best part? It’s not drying. It feels hydrating. Use the Smooth Affair primer to prep your skin and you’re golden. Literally. Combined, the primer and powder create a luminous, flawless, natural-looking canvas. It’s easy to use and and doesn’t look caky. No talc, dyes, or parabens. Impressive.

The Starter: Smooth Affair, Pommisst, Amazing Base, & PurePressed

So we’re using this Starter Kit and, for this week only, we’ve said goodbye to foundation, CC creams and tinted moisturizers. We’re not trading them in for good but we’re gonna use the kit everyday, we’re committed. Wish us luck and pray we don’t spill it, because we don’t like minerals but we like this Jane Iredale stuff. Sort of…maybe. Okay, so far, we love it.

And it’s even cruelty-free. Read more on our new friend Jane here.

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