We Frolic in the Sun, We Fry Our Hair & We Pay for it Later

20140620-095704-35824524.jpgThis, folks, is what they call the home stretch.  It’s Friday. Your week is ending (if you work for the weekend). And tomorrow is the first day of summer. Just try to contain yourself.

If you didn’t christen the unofficial start to summer (Memorial Day) with a beach trip this right here is your moment.  Sometimes you have to start things out with a bang. And depending on your schedule, that bang may just be the pool. Pool, beach whatev. Those are just tiny, insignificant details. But no matter where your journey takes you, you’re gonna want to check out Hair In The Sun by Sachajuan.

We love some vitamin D but the sun wreaks havoc on our hair. Top it off with salt water and we’re effectively screwed.  Hair In The Sun ($29) is a cream that uses Ocean Silk Technology to protect your hair and hair color from sun damage.  It has a UV filter that stays in place after you go for a swim or hop in the shower and also acts as a super styling cream to keep your mane in place while you frolic on the beach.  Because that’s what we all do.  We frolic, frolic, frolic and we pay for it later. And you’ve already paid a lot for that color. True story.

A Tan & A Bikini…Stat!

Sachajuan began as the signature salon of hairstylists Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind (hence the name) in Stockholm circa 1997.  In 2003 they introduced their first hair care products and later that Ocean Silk Technology, a combination of algae’s and other healing ingredients for the hair that creates volume and shine without adding heaviness. Sachajuan evolved into a full line of styling products and treatments that have won some impressive beauty awards from Allure, Conde Nast Traveller and whole lot more.20140620-095704-35824986.jpg

So you can dress your hair in Sachajuan top to bottom with shampoos, conditioners and more.  If you need a bit of conditioning post sun exposure, there’s Hair After The Sun. We’ve had the pleasure of trying the leave-in  Ocean Mist ($28), thanks to Barney’s, to give us those incredibly soft beachy waves that are all the rage right now. We loved it so much that we’re currently stalking a few body lotions and washes. If there’s a tangent, we find it.

Fried hair is just not our thing and we’re ready to lounge in the sun without worrying about the consequences. Let’s just call it the best of both worlds. No better reason for us to go all in.

Find Hair In The Sun now at J. Crew.

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