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The majority of people would uncomfortably scroll past a Facebook advertisement for period underwear – but I’m not most people.

We’ve already established that I’m willing to try just about anything for my “Jen Tries” series, including other ~trending~ menstrual care products like the Diva Cup. Once I started seeing so many Facebook posts about Thinx period panties, I knew I had to investigate.

According to the Thinx website, the panties are made of four layers (moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, absorbent and leak-resistant) to keep you dry and eliminate the need for panty liners when using a tampon or menstrual cup. It even said you could free-flow with just the panties, without worrying about leaks or feeling like you’re wearing a wet bathing suit, but I was extremely skeptical. At the end of the day, I said #YOLO and bought a pair anyways.

I looked through all of the different styles and settled on a black Thinx hiphugger, which claimed to absorb two tampons worth of menstrual flow. At checkout, I started to have some faith in the panties, but I wasn’t expecting to be as carefree as the stunning ballerina-esque model twirling around in her Thinx on the website homepage.

When my Thinx arrived a few days later, I put them in the wash with the rest of my clothes so they would be ready for when I needed them. For the record, the website recommends pre-rinsing Thinx, cold-washing them in the washing machine with no fabric softener and hanging them to dry.


On the first day of my period – a Sunday, just like the first day I tried the Diva Cup – I had unbelievable cramps that had me glued to my bed with a heating pad for hours. I didn’t want to have to worry about leaking on my sheets with a tampon alone, so I decided to use Thinx as tampon backup. Despite the pain I was experiencing, my Thinx held up extremely well and made me feel protected and confident.

My first impression? Thinx didn’t give me horrible panty lines or feel baggy like I was expecting. The minimal panty lines I did have were no different than what I got from Victoria’s Secret hiphuggers, and they definitely felt better than wearing a pad. Before bed, I changed back into regular underwear and thoroughly hand-washed my Thinx with feminine wash so they would be dry for the following morning.
The next day was going to be the real test; I had a lot working against me. It would be the second day of my period, so I knew the cramps would be awful. It was a Monday, which in and of itself is awful. I was in the middle of training for a 5K, and knew I had to clock in some gym time after taking a week off to go to Boston. Plus, I had to go to my classes and to work. Due to all of these commitments, I decided to use Thinx as tampon backup once again instead of free-flowing, which was a smart decision in the long run. I had zero issues throughout the day, and knowing my Thinx had my back (literally) made the day run so smoothly.

By the end of my period, I was so happy with my experience with Thinx. It was so nice to have complete trust in my tampons, knowing Thinx would stop any leaks in their tracks. They were totally comfortable and definitely didn’t feel like a diaper or a wet bathing suit. There was no unpleasant odor, and after I washed them at the end of each use, they didn’t rinse red. I was so impressed that I’ve considered purchasing a second (and third) pair for my next period. Seriously.

For all you non-believers out there, trust me: Thinx does work. I’ve never felt more secure in my protection during my period. The panties are cute and work just like the claims say they do. Do yourself a favor and invest in a pair before your next visit from your favorite monthly visitor – you’ll thank me later.

Jen Flanagan is a multimedia journalist and recently graduated with her B.A. in Journalism from Messiah College. A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Jen is a city girl at heart with a constant case of wanderlust. Her work has been featured in over 10 beauty, lifestyle and news publications, including Her Campus, Elite Daily and USA TODAY College. A few of her favorite things: time spent with her family and friends, reading magazines, traveling and spending too much time at Sephora.
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