Spring Forward to Spring/Summer ’15: Micro Handbags Pack Major Luxury Punch

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When it comes to accessories, sometimes bigger isn’t always better and micro purses are leaving a major impact on the fashion it-crowd. These mini handbags are small enough to rival even the slimmiest portefeuille and pack a major luxury punch. Just look at the Fendi Micro Peekaboo, which recently beat out the likes of Chanel and Dior to take the crown as It Handbag of 2015 by Vogue. While the personal obsession started with the Balenciaga Neo Classic Mini Bag (the brainchild of Creative Director Alexander Wang,) there is plenty of space for these designer editions.

Photo Credit Fendi

The micro bag has been described by Chanel as “Tiny but powerful, with classic lines and a scale that whispers glamour instead of shrieking utility.” In other words, prepare to scale down your carryalls girls; the teeny tote is here to stay. When Vogue says so, you know it’s true. It seems that every couture creator is jumping on the itty-bitty bandwagon and letting their little creations speak volumes for style.

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While completely eschewing your bigger beauties isn’t totally necessary, there is plenty of proverbial room for a petite purse in your wardrobe. Especially when it comes to actually finding your wallet, iPhone or lipstick without tumbling into a black hole of endless items. Celebrity stylist and entertainment personality Dawn Del Russo, whose work has been featured in publications like Glamour and Cosmopolitan and on The Meredith Vieira Show, confirmed that small is indeed sticking around. “There is just something about a mini anything [that makes] girls just fall in love. After carrying around these super heavy satchels and oversized handbags we were all ready for a change,” she says.

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While space may be more limited, Dawn highlights the benefits of a lighter back and easy day-to-night transition of these micro models are actually very functional (and ridiculously adorable.) Turning an outfit from glum to glamorous is easy with the addition of a luxury handbag, especially a miniature option from one of your favorite labels. She adds, “At this point every designer has created one. From a styling point of view it is an accessory that doesn’t overwhelm the look. It’s like another piece of jewelry.”

The Micro Bag Trend Via Fendi Spring/Summer 2015

The newest style from Valentino, which continued the Italian’s accent-loving Rockstud theme by updating their classic pieces with a ‘little’ adjustment, is a particular favorite. Not to be outdone, Dawn says, is the Chanel Mini Flap bag with signature quilting in pink — since it really is perfection. Even her clients have her hunting for the often-limited micro version of their favorite macro bags, making them an equally innovative staple in the editorial scene.

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Paired with everything from fancy dresses on the red carpet to weekend shopping in boyfriend jeans, Dawn emphasizes this style has staying power – even when coupled with your bigger Birkins. “If we do go back to larger totes and shoulder bags, these little minis can be thrown right in and taken out for a last minute run into a store or cocktails after work. I know some women are even saving them to give to their mini-me daughters to carry someday,” she says. For more tips and tricks, follow Dawn with @DawnDelRusso on your favorite social media outlets or visit dawndelurusso.com.

Whether you’re planning to invest for your future fashionable off-spring, or just want to ease some of the clutter you carry, a micro handbag is the perfect way to channel the runway in a real way. With all the cuteness, buying versions from the Givenchy Micro Nightingale to the Saint Laurent Mini Duffel is a miniature incentive for maximum style.

Photo Credit Purse Blog

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