We would love to work with you!  If you know that you’re a great fit for us please get in touch. Our audience is international and is comprised of men and women (predominately) 18-34 years of age. This audience is largely (per Google Analytics) Shoppers, Beauty Mavens, Technofiles and Fashionistas located in Georgia, New York, California and Texas. Please use the contact form below to request access to our Media Kit for more detailed information regarding banner advertising. After providing your contact information, including a company email address, you will be emailed a password. *All official communication regarding rates, advertising, sponsorships, collboration, and gifting will come from media@gritstyle.com, and is provided separately from the Media Kit. Any other communication is considered unapproved.

Serious inquiries only please.

Gritstyle does not accept advertorials at this time. All posts are written by the Gritstyle team.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for terms of at least 10 days and can include combinations of tweets, text links, features, and sponsored posts. You may initiate the process at any time, however some spots may not be available. You may direct any questions to media@gritstyle.com.


We publish reviews weekly and are more than happy to incorporate your brand. There is a flat fee as well as (typically) five weeks advance notice associated with any product review. We can not promise to review any product that is not paid, although we make every effort to be accommodating when we are able to plan accordingly. You can find ways to connect with us, including our mailing address, on our Contact page.

Please read our Disclosure Agreement for more details on how Gritstyle handles the review process. We strive to provide accurate and honest reviews regardless of how the product is provided to us.


We do not guarantee that gifted items will be reviewed, or returned, if that is the intent. To make arrangements for review, social media posting, etc. please email media@gritstyle.com.

Partnerships & Collaborations

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