Overthinking Your Outfit Leads to Style Fatigue

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If you’re into fashion, and we’re guessing you are, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed these days with fashion weeks, style blogs, makeovers, dupes and such. There are one to many options, almost everything gorgeous is expensive (J’adore), and then there are those style bloggers — showing up and showing out. Showing you every which way to wear an outfit if you just like to know it.

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As much as you do like to know, your brain cells may be officially exhausted. It seems everyone spends more time planning the outfit (and for bloggers — taking pictures in those outfits) than actually enjoying the clothes. When style bloggers are on vacation and posting pics, how long does it take to get the shot? All day? Of course, so many of them have mad skills. The shot comes easy, right? But is that a vacation? We heard once that fashion is supposed to be fun.

Olivia Palermo in Orange.
Really? Is it? Is it feeling fun every day?

It doesn’t feel like fun in 2015, does it? It feels like pressure. It’s fun when you finally look super cute but the process? It’s terrifying. It seems like everyone — even people that you know have like zero taste — are surveying everything you wear with judgment. We’re all critics. (Most of us are garbage at it.)
Chiara street style

We encourage you to stop over-thinking your fashion. Stop trying to look effortless in 3 hours. Maybe keep it to 30 minutes. Keep it effort…less. Imperfection is madness…or insanity, or something. You know the quote.

Maybe stop looking at so many style bloggers for real-life inspiration and just enjoy the clothes. Maybe figure out what you like and improvise. Remember, even street style in its current form is pure, manipulated theatrics. For the rest of us on the reals, it doesn’t have to be so contrived.

Don’t Die In Your Skinny Jeans, K?

Kudos for trying to look decent. We are not advocates for the everywhere flip-flop or messy hair and pajamas — on a Monday at 3 pm. But we are sorta over the style fatigue. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Personal style takes time to cultivate and it evolves over time. Put in the effort for you, do what feels good. But overthinking and planning the ootd, taking it as anything other than inspiration, trying to look like a personal style blogger every second? Absolutely perfect, edited, filtered? Completely overrated.

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