A Million Knockoffs Can’t Match the Beauty of a Chloé Drew Saddle Bag

Chloe Drew Saddle Bag

It’s been a minute since we’ve been covetous, maybe more like a long, good while. That’s good for us, because nothing is less appealing than a desperate (and materialistic) woman. But, alas, it didn’t last. Here we go again. We’re in deep lust over this Chloé handbag. We see it everywhere.

Or do we?

No, of course we don’t. The stunning and perfect Drew bag is not everywhere. It’s expensive. An investment piece, the ultimate style bag. No, it’s the knockoffs that are everywhere. Not bad, some are strikingly similar. We have to get close to see the subtle differences. Lovely.

Chloe Drew Saddle Bag
It’s almost the same thing.

But it’s not the same. Yes, they look similar. But the feel? Nah. That’s a no go. The Chloé Drew is soft, nappa lambskin or grained calfskin. That gold chain is delicate but, no, it won’t break. The bag has a gold turnlock closure, which the knockoffs do get right, but the suede lining? Hardly. We’ve looked. Mostly printed fabric.

Chloe Drew Handbag

Not to mention, Drew comes in different sizes, colors, and styles. There’s the Mini, the Medium, the Perforated, the Suede, the Small…options. Each one with their own distinct qualities. Okay so the fakes do have variety. They come in colors the original Drew does not. Which, while wonderful, is certainly a tell. A bag connoisseur will know it’s not the real deal. But maybe you don’t care. Maybe that’s enough for you.

To each her own.

The knockoffs do come close, but at this point in our lives, we won’t bother. Because it may look like a real Chloé bag and — if you’re lucky — feel like it too. But there’s one thing it won’t do — and that’s last forever.

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