This DIY Sheet Mask Makes Skincare Super Easy

DIY-sheet mask
We’re big, big, HUGE fans of sheet masks but the truth is that the good ones don’t come cheap. So we’re thinking, what could possibly be better thank making our very own beauty products at home?’

You guessed it — nothing. Nothing could be better than beauty like this. It’s super easy and gets results — fast.

Forget using trusted Google to find the best, the most popular, the one that what’s her name uses. Wev even got two options — one with rice paper and one that’s ready-set-go for you. Here’s what you need to prep for your own little skincare investment in a DIY sheet mask:

Make a DIY Sheet Mask

Pre-cut sheet masks OR
Rice paper
Warm milk (for brightening)
Green tea (for oily, acne-prone skin)

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