We May Be Fangirling Over Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Too Faced Cosmetics Foundation
We don’t excite easily.


We don’t go crazy over celebrities, we’re not obsessed with the Kardashians. We don’t run out and beauty products because everyone has them. Matter of fact, if everyone is doing it, it’s likely we won’t.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

But there are exceptions to every rule. Late we may be to the party, but we’re here. We’ve tried this amazing Too Faced foundation. And ding ding! We’re sold.

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Picking the right shade was super easy and surprise — there are some yellow tones. If you hate looking red (because not everyone is) then you’ll have some trouble finding the perfect shade of makeup in most brands. Not so with Born This Way Foundation. Golden is golden. No hint of red. Surprise, that is perfection.

Too faced born this way foundation bottles
Photo Credit Too Faced

It glides on and leaves a smooth, almost unnoticeable finish. The coverage builds to full and works well with a light powder on top. It’s oil-free but not drying and looks just slightly dewy. Yes, the reviews are accurate — it adds moisture. Born This Way stays put all damn day and yields compliments. It’s because of this foundation that we finally look alive. In some cases — awake. It even has some hyaluronuc acid — which we gradually slow in producing as we age — but keeps skin plump. We’re so pleased that we’re tempted to litter this post with exclamation points. Exclamation point!

You’ve got to try it. Sample it, try it on. Do what you gotta do. Born This Way Foundation is incredible and — yes — we’re fangirling.

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