Beauty Reviewed: Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup

So here we are! Ta daaaaaa. We’re back.

Wow — it’s 2017. It’s been a new year for a minute. With each new year, we sorta hope things change. But they don’t always. Sometimes it’s the same song and dance, and the same old tired issues. The same old makeup issues, right?

Is it on straight? Am I blended? Is this enough volume for my lashes? Arggghhh. Let’s hope so.

It’s so old, so tired, so redundant. So we decided to test out a new foundation in the hopes of making the morning routine, life, you know all things easier. Enter Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup.

hourglass-veil-fluid-makeup-shadesSo what are you getting? First off it’s free of parabens and sulfates and it’s cruelty-free. Jackpot. Medium coverage that looks invisible — and we mean that. If you’re looking for 100% full coverage, you can skip this one. It won’t give you exactly what you need.

You can use your BeautyBlender, fingers, or that famous and Hourglass makeup brush and the results are the same, every time. There’s some treatment in this product called Matrix Regeneration Complex, which helps to fight lines and wrinkles. It’s serum-ish in feel.  By that we mean you won’t feel stripped at the end of the day if you forgo the primer a time or two. Hey — it happens.


Veil Fluid Makeup glides on your skin and gives a bonus SPF (a little 15). While it’s oil-free, we’d suggest that you couple it with a translucent powder (or setting spray) if you are in fact oily. It’s super hydrating — which is not a bad thing, especially if you’re worried about the signs of aging. You’ll get that awesome dewy look (without looking like an oil slick) and you probably won’t look like you’re wearing anything at all. It’s a satiny finish that looks like your skin. It’s not disappointingly cake-y like so many foundations out there.

Oh, and it does NOT settle.

iconWe didn’t have a problem finding a shade that matches with 11 total, all varying undertones. Lighting is everything so test, test, test this one, as you should all makeup., and use the undertones to your advantage. There’s no sense in spending big if your neck and face won’t be the same color. Ideally, you’re also working with the most amazing primer ever. You’ll want this one to stay put.

To that end, we could say a million things about this Hourglass foundation. It works, it builds, it’s anti-aging. It isn’t runny but it isn’t thick and scary, either. You get all the benefits of a medium coverage product with a little skin treatment tucked inside. But we won’t try and justify the price — not everyone wants to spend this much on a foundation. But the truth is, as is with most things, you get what you pay for.

And sometimes the best things are a little bit expensive.

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