Atlanta-Based Ambos Boots Combines Ethical Fashion and Craftsmanship

As we’ve all learned from Cinderella, a new pair of shoes can change your life. For Atlanta-based businessman Zach Hogue, a pair of boots has the power to change multiple lives around the world.

Ethical in Action

Hogue is the founder of Ambos, an ethical fashion brand specializing in hand-crafted boots by Guatemalan artisans. Each pair of boots is available in two colors, is custom-made with real leather and undergoes over 200 individual steps during production to ensure quality and durability.

The mission of Ambos is “to bring high-quality, comfortable, and distinctly stylish hand-made leather boots to customers across the globe” according to Hogue. “We provide access to increased economic prosperity by opening the global marketplace to the entire artisan boot maker supply-chain of Pastores, Guatemala.” Hogue’s main motivation to start Ambos was a combination of his love for helping people and passion for business.

About the Artisanship

The main artisan behind each pair of Ambos boots is a man named Elio, a Guatemalan shoemaker who connected with Hogue through mutual friends. The two met for the first time in July to discuss the possibility of collaborating. Even though Hogue admitted meeting Elio in person was a bit awkward at first, after communicating via phone and email for long, he quickly found that he could trust Elio and his intentions.


“I quickly gained confidence in his character and genuine heart and desire to help his fellow Guatemalans. ​Mutual trust is key in any business relationship and I think I earned significant credibility in Elio’s book by actually coming to Guatemala to meet with him” said Hogue.

As of February 1st, styles for women are available. According to Hogue, the women’s boots are similar to the men’s boots in terms of style, but are a bit higher and slimmer. They’re also available in two colors, called Amarillo and Cafe. Hogue says he looks forward to including women in the customer base.


More than Just Footwear

It’s clear to see that Ambos is about more than just footwear. The brand was built on serving a larger mission since it began. The Ambos commitment to provide both a high quality product and economic empowerment for the artisans is what makes this a brand to watch.

“What we’re doing at Ambos not only involves fair trade pricing and workers’ treatment, but it involves dignity, as the global marketplace votes with their dollars for the value and beauty of the craftsmanship of our artisans. [The Ambos] artisans sign their name on the product with pride and dignity.”




To learn more about Ambos and to purchase your own pair of specialty boots, head to their website.

Jen Flanagan is a multimedia journalist and recently graduated with her B.A. in Journalism from Messiah College. A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Jen is a city girl at heart with a constant case of wanderlust. Her work has been featured in over 10 beauty, lifestyle and news publications, including Her Campus, Elite Daily and USA TODAY College. A few of her favorite things: time spent with her family and friends, reading magazines, traveling and spending too much time at Sephora.
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