5 Hacks to Help You Prep for Fashion Week

The ever-prayed for time has come. That moment when your phone beeps and you receive confirmation of your press ticket (or general admittance) to a fashion show… and not just any fashion show, but one during Fashion Month (which means New York, Milan, London or Paris). After the heart palpitations (and the unnecessary tears that you will undoubtedly shed when you realize your closet doesn’t look anything like Rihanna’s) subside, you’ll have a second to realize this is really happening. So now what? It’s time to prep.

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While I can’t give you everything in my little black book of the secret world of a fashion blogger, I will share with you five helpful hacks that should get you going for fashion week.

1. Pack Like Crazy!

Okay, so how much time you have to pack will really determine what day it is. If fashion week has already started, you need to immediately assemble outfits together and attempt to have them in a decent order for grabbing day-to-day. The difficulty comes in pre-planning outfits but, trust me, even Anna Del Russo pre-plans her outfits (costumes). The basics are the necessities: underwear, garments, toiletries, emergency stuff, etc. After that, you need to tackle your clothes. I am someone who tends to wear bright colors, so I just step it up a notch for fashion Week. I would advise, however, that you not become one of those girls that wears things not made for mankind just to have a photo taken. First, you’ll be upset if nobody takes one; and two, you’ll feel completely out of your element.

2. Sensible Footwear is a Must

Sophia Webster makes the perfect flats for fashion week.

While we see celebrities in sky-high heels and stilettos, many of them are just getting out of cabs or cars where they haven’t been standing. Don’t get caught up in thinking heels are the only way to look cute. A wonderful pair of ballet flats (or even boots) can step up your wardrobe game, not to mention add to your overall comfort day to day. If you absolutely must have them, just apply the oldest trick in the book — wear your flats ’til you’re a block away and then pull your heels out of your bag and switch. Voila! Effortlessly beautiful.

3. Do NOT Get Caught Up in the Nightlife

After parties and show events are going to be a given, especially if you’re cute (or you just know the right names to drop). Don’t get so caught up in the parties that you forget why you’re at fashion week! The last thing anyone wants to see is a hung-over chick with her night before clothes are slightly hanging off of her sitting anywhere close to the front row. Don’t be that girl, honey. Definitely take time to go out, enjoy the city (especially if you’ve never been there before) and go out once or twice. But play the game properly or else it will eat you alive.

4. Pretentiousness is Totally for the Birds

One time I had a friend who said the only people who get invited to NYFW are the arrogant and pretentious fashion heads of the world. While that may be true, level-headed individuals there who simply love fashion are definitely in attendance. Don’t put on a front or flex to anyone that you’re someone you aren’t: they read the phoniness.

My take? I truly believe that you can kill people with kindness. Case in point: I once witnessed a woman trying to pretend to security that she was this huge superstar of an editor and chose to be condescending the entire time she spoke to him. He said some pretty colorful words and didn’t let her in. I, on the other hand, talked to hime and shared my excitement in XYZ, blah blah blah, and next thing you know, I’m in! All I’m saying is be genuine and kind to people — because you never know what security guard may help you get your life.

5. Remember It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

It is extremely possible to get burned out during fashion week, with all the events and parties and shows. Sleeping is vital, as is a good face mask and eye cream. Remember that the experience is meant to be enjoyed and taken one day at a time, so don’t feel overwhelmed to do everything, see everything, and go everywhere. Relax and let things flow naturally so you don’t feel yourself getting sick after day three. One thing I do (which others may say is crazy) is leave my camera at home. If I want to record a moment, I’ll put out my iPhone — but I choose to live in the moment and enjoy what I’m seeing. That’s what life is about and, as an extension, so is fashion week. Take it day by day and you’ll totally be fine.

So there are my starter 5 tips to help you get into Fashion Week comfortably and with ease! Any tips you can suggest?

Jame’ Jackson is a graduate of Howard University where she received a double major in English and Classical Studies. Although Jame’ is a writer, “Jack of All Trades” is her infamous nickname. She is a journalist, makeup artist, freelancer, image consultant, actress, singer, poet, and classical pianist of 13+ years.
She is the author of TheBlondeMisfit.com
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